Aquarius Star Sign Personality and Compatibility

Aquarius is strong and with striking personality which is hard to miss. They can be wary, delicate, calm and enduring while on the other hand they are enthusiastic, energetic and even turn out to be a showoff.  The Aquarius star sign shows a character that hides its true nature. The Aquarius is both strong and demanding in nature with traits of compassion and kindness. They hold strong opinions on various matters. They are always seeking the truth and can change how they view things when need be. They do hold to any evidence of truth to support their views.

Aquarius Star Sign imageThese people are bright and try to weigh an argument from both sides. They do not like biased information but rather respect other views. This is possible as long as they can see the rationality regardless of not believing in the points being raised. They are always eager to find the truth regardless of who is sharing it. They are gentle, honest, welcoming, sophisticated and unwavering principles. However, they are always sensible and open to better opinions. They have quick and confidence in their lifestyle and can crack some jokes. The jokes are not real funny but they do keep friendships that are sincere. The Aquarius star sign is for open and realistic individuals.

They are spontaneous and imaginative and spiritual human beings. They like to learn the science behind major inventions. They do not care on how far it will take to get scientific evidence of things. If the religious group is involved they are able to share in seminars, meditation and religious programs. They do not follow things blindly but rather believes and intuitions. Aquarius does not like others meddling in their work but can accept help on their own terms. They love music, art, drama and even in dancing for fun. They find it difficult to make real friends and they do not use any effort to make friends. At times it appears as if they prefer to humiliate other people especially those they feel are not to their level. It is hard to catch them in an awkward position because they are quite intelligent. Also, they can easily get mesmerized and unpredictable attraction to another person. They feel deeply attracted without the power to deny the emotions.

The Aquarius star sign is not able to get a relationship to good height because of the implosive nature. They anger seriously when rejected or humiliated. They are able to work in a team while taking the role of a leader. They like nature and its value and possess the need to know the truth. They are able to succeed in scientific fields like photography, radiology and even electronics. The aviation and technical classes are the main base for these people. They are born with a strong will to succeed in life and they fight to achieve this dream. They are gifted in writing, entertainment courses, music and even acting. There are those with natural psychic powers to help the mentally sick.

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